The printmaking process allows me to apply a lifetime of experience in drawing and painting in a new way.  A way that goes beyond what I can do with paint, and a way that goes beyond what I can predict.   There is always an edge of surprise in printmaking, the surprises become discoveries and stimulate new images and ideas.  I am captivated by this element of unpredictability inherent in the monotype process; this keeps my work evolving and thus it stays alive for me.  There are things that can be done with monotype that can’t be done any other way. I was trained as a painter, but the process of transferring an image from one surface to another has presented me with unlimited possibilities to explore.  My work includes straight monotypes, monotypes with collage additions and some made entirely of collaged monotype pieces.
Although my images are derived from things I’ve seen, they are not directly representational.  Rather, they are distilled from impressions and memories.  They are built from profound impressions of the look of a place, the sounds and spirit of a place---a combination of visual and intuitive insights.

Dimensions are image size.



 I believe that drawing is visual thinking in its most direct form, the artist’s primary language.  I’ve been drawing the human figure since art school and will never tire of it.

© 2015 Joan Gitlow